How to take?

There are some bathing etiquettes but not so many. It’s easy to learn the manners. Have a sense of decency and experience Japanese culture.

This is a standard layout of a bath.

A face towel and a bath towel are must-have items. By a bath towel you wipe your body after getting out of a bath, while a face towel is taken in the bath. The face towel is used in wiping sweat, washing your body and hiding your body.

No tattoo

Tattoo is prohibited in almost all the facilities, since Japanese associate tattoo with Yakuza (the Japanese mafia).
If you’ve got a tattoo and want to take an onsen, then go to the chartered bath. Some Ryokan (Japanese style hotel) or one day onsen facilities have it. It’s for two or three persons, and you can take a bath for about forty minutes. Some Ryokan have a plan of chartered bath not only for the lodger but for one-day tripper.

No towel in a bathtub
As a face towel is used for wiping your face or washing your body, it’s not clean in taking into the bathtub. While taking a bath, you put your towel over the head or outside.

No photo
I know you want to take pictures in the bath if the scenery is marvelous, but you must not. If you really want to shoot a picture, go to a chartered bath.

No swimming
One hot spring has an area of 500 square meters, and you become eager to swim. However, onsen is not a swimming pool, and it is prohibited to swim.

No swimming suit
You are not allowed to wear a swimming suit except some onsen leisure facilities. The facility permitting the suit is generally for a mixed-sex bath

Kakeyu first
Kakeyu is pouring hot water over your body firstly in order to rinse off dirt and let your heart adjust to hot water. It is etiquette to do kakeyu before soaking in the bath.

Wipe before entering a changing room
Use your face towel to wipe the water off your body lightly before you enter a changing room. Then use the bath towel to wipe tightly.

Don't wash at the end
The effect of hot spring results from the materials melted in the water. If you wash your body at the end, the materials are completely swept away. So, don’t wash at last. Recommended way is drying your body naturally so as not to wipe the materials off by the towel.