What is onsen?

This shows the various types of onsen Japanese have enjoyed.
While many foreign travelers know onsen which is equipped in Ryokan,
Japan have abundant opportunities to take an onsen!


What is Onsen - Graph

Noten Buro

Noten Buro
Noten buro is a wild bathtub, which you can find in the forest or near the sea or the lake and you'll see the onsen spr
inging out from the earth. No one cares about it and there's no facilities such as a toilet or a changing room, however it's very natural water.

Ryokan is a Japanese style hotel, which is the most popular inn in Japan. Not all the Ryokan have a onsen facility, but historical Ryokan has a nostalgic bathtub and good onsen water.Some Ryokan have a plan for one day onsen trip.

One Day Onsen Facility
One day onsen facility is mostly in the famous hot spring areas. This originates from a public bath for local people.
Because of the trend of onsen leisure, this facility increases and provides better service,
for example a place to rest or eat for both a traveler and local people.

Super Sentou
Sentou is a traditional public bath in Japan, and Super Sentou is a highly equipped Sentou.
There are a resting place, a napping room, a restaurant and a massage room in Super Sentou, and we can spend long time.
Different from one day onsen facility, Super Sentou is in the suburbs and some don't provide onsen water,
and this mainly aims at the local people.

Onsen Leisure Facility
Onsen Leisure Facility is similar to Super Sentou, but more entertaining.
The Famous one is for instance "Spa LaQua (Tokyo)" or "Ooedo-onsen Monogatari (Tokyo)".
You are allowed to wear bathing suite in soeme facilities, and you can take many bathes or play some games.

Hotel with Onsen
Some budget hotel provide hot spring bath in order to get an advantage from the competitive ones.
This bath is not for private room but public bath.
These hotels are not many in Japan and not highly equipped, but if you want to stay for business it's useful.
e.g. APA hotel

Condo with Onsen
A few condos have onsen service. In these condos, you can use hot spring water in your private bath around the year.
They are mostly in the vicinity of onsen area.

Bath Powder
In Japan, Bath powders are sold that is made from the hot spring or imitates the component of the hot spring.
You can buy it in the grocery store.
e.g. sales website (Japanese only)