When to go?

Japan has four seasons, and when is the best season to go to an Onsen?

March to May
Spring is the most comfortable season as well as Autumn. Snowmelt waster flows to the river and the mountain becomes covered with fresh verdure. You’ll enjoy the green scenery in taking bath. Also, the pink can be seen in some places. that is the cherry blossom.

June to August
Summer is the humid and hottest season in the year. I recommend hot spring near the sea in this season. Have lots of fun on sea bathing, surfing or fishing, then go to the onsen to refresh!

September to November
Still hot on September, it becomes cold gradually. The recommendation plan is bath with the scene of autumn leaves. You can see the red or the yellow in the spa in the mountain.

December to February
Winter is said to be the best season to take a hot spring. While it’s cold outside, an onsen makes your body become warm from the heart. You can see the wonderful snow landscape, and this is terrific.

Average temperature in 2013

Average temperature in 2013