Why is onsen so good?

Taking an onsen gratifies your five senses. Relaxing, medical effect… An onsen heals your daily fatigue or fatigue of trip.

Onsen is good for your skin, and can be used for the therapy for skin disease. Why is it so good? Because the materials of the onsen such as iron or a chloride are absorbed into your skin. The effect is different depending on the type of the hot spring. For instance, sulfurous onsen is indicated for chronic feminine ailment and skin disease. Alkaline onsen has great effect on a beautiful skin, as alkaline water can melt sebum cutaneum and make skin smooth. Also, warming your body makes good blood flow and you can relax. Besides, compared to a real water, your body becomes less cold after getting out of an onsen.

Naked outside, lounging in the tub at a suitable temperature, you will see Mt.Fuji, the ocean, the river or the snowscape... In taking an outdoor bath, you will definitely feel “freedom”. It’s much different from a trivial bathtub. Onsen is the superb spa that nature gives us!
Some onsen are colorless and transparent, others are white or brown. You can also enjoy the color of water.

The smell of the onsen is special. Some have smell other don’t. Usually, simple onsen smells less, but sulfurous onsen has a strong scent.When you enter a Onsen resort town and you smell sulfurous onsen, you will feel “Now here is Onsen town.”

Some onsen can be drinkable, but it’s far from tasting delicious because the onsen has iron or much of salt and things like that. However, it is said that ingesting materials of an onsen makes the better effect than absorbing from the skin.


An onsen is situated in various places. Riverside, in the mountain or in front of the ocean. In an outside spa, you can hear birds chirping, a murmur of a stream or the sound of ocean surf. Enjoy nature sounds that you cannot hear in the bathtub in the hotel!