Akazawa Onsen - Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan

Spring quality
one star
five stars
five star
four star
two star


1. Top of the outside spa
In front of the Pacific ocean, on the top of the hill, without any railing… It’s the infinity pool.
You must be overwhelmed by the scenery, and you will never care about the spring source.
This facility has two baths( the third floor and the forth floor), which are each for women and for men, and changes daily. So, it’s up to the visiting day whether floor you take bath on. The outside bathtub on the third floor is 25 meters wide while that on the forth floor is 20 meters. They are almost like a swimming pool. 
In addition, This spa has large saunas with large windows and also with enjoyable ocean view. I think, there is no place that you can see a beautiful scenery in like this. Moreover, 4 chartered baths are available. You can occupy the landscape in a private bathtub only with about 2500 yen per hour.

2. Stay overnight in onsen leisure center
If you want to stay, go to the hotel next to this one day onsen facility, “Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan”. The hotel is Akazawa onsen hotel that has a pool, a fitness center and a tennis court. For the hotel guest, they are all free. Of course, “Higaeri Onsenkan” is available at no charge.

3. Abundant bath amenities
This owner company is DHC, that sells beauty products and health food in Japan. There are therefore plenty of bath amenity products in the changing room. Why don’t you try Japanese beauty products after the bath.


 outdoor bath 1 (on 3rd floor), 1 (on 4th floor)
 indoor bath 3 (on 3rd floor), 4 (on 4th floor) 
 sauna bath 2 (on 3rd floor), 1 (on 4th floor)
 chartered bath 4
 onsen type sulfate onsen
 pH 7.5
 temperature of the hot spring source 43.2 deg C
 amount of discharge unknown
 onsen water feeding systemcirculation, disinfection, filtration 
 warming yes
 adding water no


 name Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan
 facility type one day onsen facility
 url http://top.dhc.co.jp/akazawa/onsenkan
 address 163 -1, Akazawa, Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture, 413-0233, Japan
 tel. 0557-53-5555
 price 1,200 yen (on weekdays), 1,600 yen (on weekends)
 available time 10:00 - 22:00 (on weekdays), 9:00 - 22:00 (on weekends)
(last entry 21:00)
 holiday no holiday
 overnight stayyes 

from the Tokyo area
bus stop
   120 min. by train    50 min. by train    15 min. by bus  
Tokyo Sta. Tokaido line (JR)

or Tokaido Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR) (40 min)
Atami Sta. Izu Kyuko line
(private railroad)
Izukogen Sta.Izukogen Sta. shuttle bus (for free) Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan

written on Jan.18.2014