Hakone Yumoto - Tenzan

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five stars
two star
four star
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1. Hakone is..
Hakone is the most famous onsen area near Tokyo. But, why is Hakone so famous?
- It's very near.
You have many ways to get there. Shinkansen, Odakyu Private line bus or rental car...
-It has a history.
Since onsen was found in 738 in Hakone, many Japanese came to the spa for remedy or relax.
Now you'll find the historical architectures in this town.
- It's a town for the tourist.
This town has been developed for the sightseeing.
the museum, the lake, cable car... very attractive.
Also, it has many facilities. Japanese style hotels, spas, restaurants..
In addition, you can easily get a guidebook for the foreigner, especially for Chinese, Korean and English.

2. Historical and Good onsen water
While there are many onsen spots for one day tripper in Hakone area, tenzan is a distinguished one.
Tenzan is historical;It opened in 1966.
Onsen water is good;The system of the onsen is "no circulation" and "no filtration", 
while many other spots use "circulation" or "filtration".

3. Choose two type of onsen.
Tenzan onsen has two facilities.
One is named "Tenzan". This is larger than the other and has many baths and sauna.
The other is "Ikkyu". This is only a bath but quieter and made of wood only.
Choose the bath based upon your feeling, or take both of the baths!!


 outdoor bath 4 for women, 4 for men (Tenzan)
1 for women, 1 for men (Ikkyu)
 indoor bath 0
 sauna bath 1(Tenzan)
 chartered bath 0
 onsen type chloride onsen
 pH 8.3
 temperature of the hot spring source 67.3 deg C
 amount of discharge 258 l/min
 onsen water feeding systemno circulation, disinfection, no filtration 
 warming no
 adding water no


 name Tenzan Toujikyo
 facility type one day onsen facility
 url http://tenzan.jp/ (in Japanese)
 address Yumotochaya, 208, Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
 tel. 0460-86-4126
 price 1,200 yen (Tenzan), 1,000 yen (Ikkyu)
 available time 9:00 - 23:00 (Tenzan), 11:00 - 20:00 (Ikkyu)
 holiday no holiday(Tenzan), every Thursday(Ikkyu)
 overnight stayno

from the Tokyo area
bus stop
bus stop
   90 min. by train      10 min. by bus    1 min. walk  
Shinjuku Sta. Odakyu line(private railroad) Hakone Yumoto Sta. Hakone Yumoto Sta. Ryokan Kumiai Shuttle Bus -course B (bound for Soun Dori) Oku Yumoto Iriguchi (entrance)   Tenzan Toujikyo

The price of Ryokan Kumiai Shuttle Bus is 100 yen (one way)
Parking lot is very crowded on weekends.
written on Dec.31.2013