Tsurumaki Onsen Jinya

Spring quality four star
Bathtub four star
one star

four star
five stars



1. Large Japanese garden and Historic ambience with reasonable price
Jinya is a historic Japanese style hotel, and the garden is over 30,000 meter square.
One step you enter the entrance of the garden, you will feel it is Japanese garden.
Carps swimming in the pool, bamboo standing around the garden, stone path with a light.
One step you enter the entrance of the building, you will also feel the sublime atmosphere.
This hotel is Japanese style architecture, and Japanese chess "Shogi" cup is often held here. 
It is said that Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese animation director, was affected by this hotel.
You think expensive? ... No!! 
One day trip plan for taking bath only is moderate. (other plan is a little expensive). 
So you can easily feel Japan.

2. Highest level of Calcium
This onsen has one of the highest Calcium in the world.
Calcium is known for the relief of rheumatism and neuralgia.
You can drink this onsen (drinking is permitted by the Kanagawa prefecture.)
Try it!

3. Ancient onsen resort town
As the name of station is Tsurumaki onsen, this is a ancient onsen town.
Is is not famouse for tourist compared with Hakone, while both are in the Kanagawa prefecture.
But several onsen hotels are open and you will find a bit of historical onsen resort.


 outdoor bath 1 for women, 1 for men
 indoor bath 1 for women, 1 for men 
 sauna bath 0
 chartered bath 0
 onsen type chloride onsen
 pH 7.4
 temperature of the hot spring source 21 deg C
 amount of discharge unknown
 onsen water feeding systemunknown 
 warming yes
 adding water yes

 outdoor bath    


 name Motoyu Jinya
 facility type Ryokan(Japanese style hotel)
 url http://www.jinya-ryokan.jp/
 address 2−8−24 Tsurumakikita Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
 tel. 0463-77-1300
 price 1,300 yen (taking bath only) , onsen with lunch plan is here(Japanese language only)
 available time 11:30 - 21:00 (last entry 20:00)
 holiday no holiday
 overnight stayyes 

from the Tokyo area
   60 min. by train    4 min. walk  
Shinjuku Sta. Odakyu line(private railroad) Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.
Tsurumaki onsen Motoyu Jinya

written on Sep.29.2013