Yamanashi - Hottarakashi Onsen

Spring quality two star
Bathtubthree star
five stars
Facilities two stars

three stars


1. Most Beautiful Scenery from the bathtub!
This onsen is situated on the top of Kofu basin, and on opposite side of Mt. Fuji.
It means you can see Mt. Fuji while taking an onsen! Awesome!!
Besides this onsen opens one hour before sunrise, so wake up very early and see Mt. Fuji sparkled in the rising sun.
If you wake up late, go at night and you will see the town light under the stars.

2. Hottarakashi
Hottarakashi means no caring or leaving.
The name of this onsen derives from what the owner left onsen out in the open in the past. He made a large bathtub in 1997 and cares and keep clean. This facility is made by hand. So don't expect the modern architecture. But.. you will feel warm to see wooden architecture in addition to become warm by taking the onsen.

3. Considerate Temperature
The temperature in the bathtub is not so hot that you can lounge in the tub for a long time. 
You can wait one hour for the rising sun.
You can see the night view untill you get tired.


 outdoor bath 2 for women, 2 for men
 indoor bath 1 for women, 1 for men 
 sauna bath 0
 chartered bath 0
 onsen type simple onsen
 pH 9.7(Kocchino Yu), 10,1(Acchino Yu)
 temperature of the hot spring source 32(Kocchino Yu), 41.4(Acchino Yu) deg C
 amount of discharge 183(Acchino Yu), 306(Kocchino Yu) l/min
 onsen water feeding systemcirculation 
 warming yes
 adding water unknown


 name Hottarakashi Onsen
 facility type One day onsen facility
 url http://www.hottarakashi-onsen.com/
 address 1669-18 Yatsubo, Yamanashi city, Yamanashi 405-0036, Japan
 tel. 0553-23-1526
 price 700 yen
 available time one hour before sunrise - 22:00 (from Dec. to Feb. open at 6:00)
 holiday no holiday
 overnight stayno 

from the Tokyo area

   90 min. by train    10 min. by taxi
 Shinjuku Sta. JR Chuo line,
limited express "Azusa" or "Kaiji"
Yamanashi-shi Sta. about 2,500 yen Hottarakashi Onsen

written on Sep.28.2013