Nozawa Onsen - Sotoyu

Spring quality
five star




one star






1. Traditional Onsen Town landscape
Nozawa Onsen is a famous town in Good hot spring.
This hotspring is said to have been discovered in 8th century.
Sotoyu in Nozawa onsen is 13 bathtubs dotted in the town, and this onsen have an unique point.
That is.. Local people control their bathtubs, so they do cleaning and maintaining every day, even more they pay electricity and water.
That's why this bath is free. (donations are welcome.)
You will meet local people and find taking an onsen is a part of their life.

2. Nostalgic 13 Bathtubs
13 Japanese traditional architectures.(see above pictures)
Each bathtub has its feature, especially Ooyu, one of the bathtubs, is very beautiful.
You can go all the bathtub by foot. Try All bath!

3. 100% natural  Strong Sulfurous Spring
Completely natural hotspring. The type of this bath is sulfurous onsen, but a little different from each other.
Some are white, others are transparent.
This spring is so strong that your body will keep hot for three or four hours after a bath time!!


 outdoor bath 0
 indoor bath 13  
 sauna bath 0
 chartered bath0
 onsen type sulfurous onsen
 pH 7.6 - 8.9
 temperature of the hot spring source 43 - 86 deg C
 amount of discharge 180 - 500 l/min
 onsen water feeding system no circulation, no disinfection, no filtration
 warming no
 adding water no

 indoor bath 1
 indoor bath 2
indoor bath 3


 name Sotoyu
 facility type public bath
 address 9780-4 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen, Shimotakai District, Nagano
(tourist information center)
 tel. 0269-85-3155 (tourist information center)
 price free
 available time 5:00 - 23:00 (Apr. to Nov.), 6:00 - 23:00 (Dec. to Mar.)
 holiday no holiday
 overnight stayno 
 note no staff and no towel in the bathtub. (if you are in trouble, ask the staff in tourist information center)

from the Tokyo area

bus stop

   95 min. by Shinkansen    60 min. by train
   16 min. by bus  
Tokyo Sta. Nagano Shinkansen
"Asama" (JR)
Nagano Sta.Iiyama Line (JR) Togari Nozawa Onsen Sta. Togari Nozawa Onsen Sta. Bus (Yunohana Go)
Nozawa Onsen Shinyu (Last stop)

Tour bus is also available from Nagano Station except winter season. It takes 80 min. to Nozawa Onsen.

written on Sep.26.2013